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Keyword Search

A few search tips:

  • Enter as few keywords as possible!  The default search type is AND, meaning that we will only return results with ALL keywords you are searching for.  Select an OR search from the drop down above if you want to see results that match just ONE of your keywords.
  • contains establishments that serve liquor, not just beer and wine.
  • only has information for Texas establishments.  If you search "Texas" it will only return results that have the word "Texas" in the name or address.
  • Establishments are recorded as legal names which can be different than the name of the restaurant or bar.  For instance, The Marriott San Antonio is legally named HOSPITALITY INTERNATIONAL, INC. Top Golf Austin is legally named TOPGOLF USA AUSTIN, LLC. and Top Golf Houston is under TOP GOLF.  So please try different combinations for the best results.
  • Can find what you're looking for?  Contact Us and we'll get back to you promptly.